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Sometimes it's all about the win. Sometimes it's all about the skiing.

—Bode Miller

Designed to Unlock Your Skiing

Great skis aren't tough to ski on. Great skis are fun to ski on. That's the design principle behind Peak's KeyHole Technology™. From mellow groomers to backcountry powder to alpine faces, let KeyHole open new doors to the mountains.

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The world knows Bode as the winningest male alpine ski racer in U.S. history, but here in Montana, Bode is evolving the sport — again.

Meet Bode

  • It can take a decade for a new company to produce a top ski. Peak did it in year one. I've never seen anything like it.

    David Currier Magazine Ski Test Director

  • Ski design can only happen holistically. Details matter. My name is on the skis.

    Bode Miller Cofounder and Chief Innovation Officer

  • I finally found the one ski that has it all! This skI is a game-changer. It felt so perfect underfoot. Congrats to Peak Ski Company for this remarkably impressive line of skis! Also, a great shout-out for the packaging and attention to so many details replete with great Frost quotes.

    Thomas MacLean Peak 88 Customer

  • ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I'm a 70 yr old strong skier who didn't think I'd get any better. That all changed with Peak 98/178 skis. They're like driving a sports car, responsive, turn on a dime and fast! Skiing on groomers, crud and powder, sooo much fun!! Thanks, you guys have extended the enjoyment of my ski life.

    D.P. Peak 98 Customer

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