Bode Miller

Bode and Peak® skis

Meet Bode Miller—Ski Designer

The world knows him as the winningest male alpine skier in U.S. history. But here at Peak®, Bode is our Chief Innovation Officer. He’s always been that way. At 17, he took a bandsaw to a race snowboard—and helped usher in modern sidecut to skiing.

Later, Bode forced himself into European race rooms, tweaking sidecuts, adjusting flexes, and building winning skis by hand. That’s just his nature. Today, Bode can tell you what’s wrong with a prototype just by watching a skier arc.

Peak is Bode’s laboratory.

If It Ain’t Perfect, Fix It.

Bode and Modern Sidecut

As a day student at Maine's Carrabassett Valley Academy, Bode’s coaches gave him a choice: Ditch skiing—he was blowing out of every course—in favor of snowboard racing where he showed promise. Instead, Bode cut a deep-sidecut snowboard in half and mounted ski bindings to the planks. His race rep saw him leave trenches. The engineers signed on. And with the resulting skis, Bode beat all comers and earned his spot on the U.S. Ski Team. The modern sidecut was born.

The Noncomformist

Grit Goes a Long Way

As a race kid, Bode’s day broke at 4:45 A.M. hauling firewood, cracking eggs, and scouring cast iron before pull-starting the snowmobile for a six mile sled in the Maine woods. From there, it was 18 miles hitchhiking to school. That sort of self-reliance shaped him. Instead of accepting the race skis he was handed, Bode designed and built his own, some of which he passed along to Lindsey Vonn. Still today, Bode won’t hesitate to take a Dremel tool to prototypes. For the strong-willed, the status quo is more of a door than a wall.

Finding the limit

Bode Miller - Champion

When you look at the Olympic medal count (six), World Championships (four golds in four disciplines), and World Cup season titles (six, plus the overall twice), Bode is the winningest male alpine skier in North American history. But along the way, he crashed out of more courses than any racer—ever. His success was born out of his willingness to fail; his desire to find the edge. Peak is built on those virtues.