Bode Miller’s New Skis Are Testament to 15-Year Quest for Perfection

By Gordy Megroz

Bode Miller’s New Skis Are Testament to 15-Year Quest for Perfection

We tested the first skis created by the racing legend and now co-founder of Peak Ski Co.

Bode Miller was already a dominant force on racing’s World Cup circuit before he found a pair of skis he really liked.

During the 2004 season, the New Hampshire native got a pair from Rossignol, his sponsor at the time, that were extremely stable and smooth yet also easy to turn—a trifecta that’s hard to achieve, especially in race skis. “My ability to adjust to terrain was miraculously better,” says Miller. “But from a design standpoint, I had no idea why this particular pair of skis was better than everything else out there.”

Miller piloted the skis that season to three Alpine Skiing World Cup giant slalom wins and clinched his only overall title in that discipline. The next season, he signed a lucrative contract with Atomic, and the beloved pair of Rossignols, which had been raced and filed so much that there was hardly any metal edge remaining, were passed on to Thomas Grandi—a Canadian racer who proceeded to win two races of his own, the only World Cup victories of his 16-year career.

Eventually, Miller got his hands on the skis again. This time, he dissected them to find out what made them superior.

For 15 years, he dreamed of building a consumer version of those skis, but it wasn’t until he co-founded Peak Ski Co. in 2021 that he was finally able to realize it.

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  • Anybody could use these skis, I thought. Beginners would love them because they’re easy to turn; experts would, too, because they still can ski aggressively and feel solid underfoot."

    Gordy Megroz

  • Typically, skis require a certain amount of speed and pressure to engage the tip and initiate the turn. But these carved without having to apply that force. At speed, on the steeps, they held the turn like a race ski, and in bumps and slush they were quick and forgiving. Not once did I feel off balance.”

    Gordy Megroz

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